Enchanted Fairy & Elf Photoshoots





This is more than just a studio portrait…it’s a magical experience your children will never forget! 

From the moment you book a session with me the magic begins and is focused totally around your little ones with the arrival of a special invitation from the fairies to your children arriving with the postman!

Girls and boys travel to come and meet the fairies and elves who live in our Enchanted Forest and through story telling and play I create very special fine art portraits and the children go home full of dreams of fairies and elves, with a fairy of their very own to care for!

‚ÄčWith an amazing selection of lovingly handcrafted costumes and a life size set built by movie propmasters, your little fairy or elf will enter into a truly mystical world and have a magical adventure, whilst I create beautiful portraits for you!…if you would like to know more please feel free to browse below or just complete the form below and i’ll give you a quick call to chat about anything you’d like to know and arrange your appointment.

Your Experience

 I will mail out a special invitation to the children asking them for help to find the missing fairy dust in the Enchanted Forest. Inside the envelope will be a magical key they will need to enter the secret garden.  

On arrival they will be transformed in too little fairies where the wings choose the girls after the children select their favourite dresses. We will fix the and hair and place on their heads a little flower garlands.

 The secret garden music is real, with music and sound effects playing in the air which is calming and magical. Only the fairies can hear the whispers and giggles from the pixies and little forest friends. 

 We will then follow the story asking them to help me find the missing fairy dust that helps create the real expressions and different poses whilst they search and call on their friends for help, dip their toes in the water and play on the giant toadstool.

 When they have found the fairy dust they get to take that home with them to continue the magic! 

The Viewing

On display will be samples of the product options available for you to order at the viewing appointment.


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